Sunday, March 17, 2013

Girls Weekend to Wolf Creek!

 Well it had been a few years since our last girls getaway weekend. We headed up to wolfcreek on Friday night, and stayed until sunday night. We Crafted, ate, watched movies, hot tubed etc.
 We always get a little silly, Jessica had brought these finger tattoos that were a mustache.

 Shayla brought her glitter toe kit and some of us got our glitter on.
 We all teamed up and made a craft or cards. We left with some fun cards and crafts.
The food was amazing of course, it always is when your out of town, Me, jess and Rachel made costa vida salads, they turned out great..
I sure love these ladies, and treasure our weekend getaways.


Shayla Edwards said...

Oh man. Lets do it again!!

Rachel said...

Agreed! Want to go again. Seems so long ago already

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