Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's great to be 8

I can't believe my girls are 8 years old, so happy they chose to get baptized. June 2, 2012 was a wonderful day, it was a special day.  The girls got baptized at noon and then we came back to our house for refreshments.
The girls with grandma fran, she made their beautiful dresses.
 Grandma margee
                                                                               Cousin Brayden
                                                The girls with daddy before getting baptized
 Aunt shalise took the girls pictures for them, she always does an amazing job. They turned out so beautiful and we couldn't have been happier with the way they turned out.

          Tayler , megan and bellah have been friends bascially since they were born. So since they were     getting baptized the same day we decided to take a few pictures together of all 3 of them.

 Uncle Dave gave the girls these pictures for their baptism. He always gives them something funny for a present.

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