Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy 8th birthday Tay & Meg!!

 I can't believe my girls are 8 years old!!! These last couple of  years have flown by, and i am honestly having a heard time with it this year. I have been so emotional the past 2 weeks, i guess it's just because i can't believe how far my little 2 & 3 lb. babies have came in life. They have been through so much in their short little lifes so far, and i wouldn't change anything. Everything we have experienced has made them who they are today:)
 Friday night the girls had a cookies & milk pajama friend party. They invited a few friends over and watched  Judy moody and the NOT  bummer summer movie, and ate a bunch of cookies & drank milk.
My girls have honestly got an amazing group of great friends. who also spoiled the girls for their birthday.

 The girls had a blast with the milk & Chocolate milk mustache's.

 The girls have asked for one of these jungle gym dome things for the past 2 years. Well we got lucky cause a freind of mine just so happened to be selling one, so we scored big time. They have already taken every blanket out of the house and made a hut & watched a movie under there.
 We had a family party on sunday, and the girls got spoiled again by the fam.
 Dave & hollie played a joke on the girls and gave them a bag of corn and broccoli, but the funny thing was they liked it. They both love broccoli alot. Then they gave them their real present:)
 Saturday we suprised the girls and took them to lagoon and bought them season passes. Of course our first ride had to be bombora. We wanted to try the new ride that just came out called Air race, but the line was SUPER long so we will have to try it next time. I took tayler on the ride that takes you from one side of the park to the other, and it kept stopping and tayler said "mom this ride is kinda freaking me out " oh i'm glad i wasn't the only one. I think i passed my fear of heights onto my kiddos.
 Cousins playing games during the girls party, they tied a jump rope from one pole to the other and were seeing who could jump over it the highest as they moved the rope up higher.
 So i love this picture, this is when they were one, and now. So funny how much they have changed, but just how sweet they both still are.


5p-nutts said...

The party turned out so darling. I think the milk mustaches were a big hit!!

Mindy said...

they are so darling!! hoping this year is a great one for them. darling party too...