Sunday, April 8, 2012

Disneyland 2012

This was the funnest family trip i have been on. We had planned to surprise the kids and take them to Disneyland. I knew it for about a month, and it was sooooo hard to keep it a secret for so long. The kiddos thought daddy was going out of town for work. I had packed the kids bags the day before and we had them all in the car ready to go. We woke up early and headed to the airport, when we pulled into the parking lot is when we told the kids we were going on an airplane ride with daddy. They didn't believe it until we were inside waiting to bored the plane. They were so excited and nervous at the same time.( And so was mommy, i hate to fly)

These two were so cute, held hands and were so cute. Megan & Tayler sat by each other on the 2 seats in front of me and bubba. Megan got scared before we took off and tayler was so sweet and held her hand until meg felt okay.

Couldn't get meg to stay looking at me long enough to take a picture:)

John Wayne Airport

It was so warm when we got there and we all had pants on and long sleeve shirts.

We got our rental car, which i totally forgot to get a picture of. It was a rav 4, pretty nice.

We couldn't check into our hotel room til later so we did a little sight seeing the first day.

Dustin's favorite baseball team is the Angel's, so of course we had to make a stop there.

Then it was to lunch & then the beach. I loved watching my kids be care free and run around in the water, it was freezing i honestly cant believe they got in the water.

Jace tripped while running away from a wave and landed face first in the sand and then the wave went over him. He was so cold & sandy.

That night we told the kids we were taking them to Disneyland the next morning. They were exstactic, luckily they were so worn out that they fell to sleep pretty fast.

Day two we went to Disneyland

It was leap year so Disneyland stayed open for 24 hours straight. It was CRAZY busy, i think it everyone in the world was there.

The girls love Minnie's house, they would always talk about it from the last time we went.

Nothing funnier than watching my kids jump out of their seats during the 3d bugs life show.

This was my kids favorite part of California Adventures. The rock wall, the slides, the zip line.

The lines for this particular part is usually super long but we caught it when it was only about a 20 min. wait. It's a must if you have girls though.

Tayler lost a tooth while in disneyland, and the coolest part was that instead of the tooth fairy visiting that night it was tinkerbell. She ledft tayler a neclace instead of money and she loved it!!

Tayler & Megan's awesome teachers sent these fun journals with me so they could write down all their fun adventures and share them with the class when they got back. And they even sent one for jace.

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Ash said...

Sooo fun! I can't wait to take my boys! That's fun you guys stopped by the Angel's Stadium. I don't know if I ever told ya but on Fathers day in class we asked the kids their favorite thing about their dad and Megan said, with a shy little smile "I like that dad makes me watch sports with him" I thought it was so cute! Love those girls and that lil Jace:)