Monday, March 19, 2012

Something i'm not good at ...waiting!

So just a little journal for my sake. So last week when i took Megan to her 6 month heart check up, her Dr. said will you bring in tayler next time so we can do an EKG on her. She said that Megan's heart defect is genetic, and since tay & meg are identical twins that they could both have it. Well that kinda freaked me out but i thought well tayler has not had any symptoms and probably would have if she had a heart defect. So we scheduled the EKG as we left the primarys for august. So starting last week tayler started waking up really dizzy, to the point she cant even open her eyes, get out of bed etc. This has happened in the past and we thought well maybe its a carbon monoxide leak or something because the gas line was on the outside of her bedroom wall, but figured it wasn't because Megan would be sick too. Well today was the 6Th day in a row she had woke up crying with these symptoms. She missed a day of school last week and was late twice because of it. So when she woke up today with all the symptoms i decided this was enough and we made her an apt. The Dr. did about 4 tests on her, one for vertigo, one to check her iron and one to check her eyes & ears. Well the last one was to check her heart, and he listened to her heart for a long time. He said well her heart has an extra beat every so often. He said your heart beats bump bump, and every so often it went bump bump bump. So he asked us to make an EKG appointment sooner than august, so i guess ill be making a call to primary childrens tomorrow.

I'm praying everything comes out normal, i know there could be worse things but she has been my healthy child, and thinking she could have had a heart problem this long and not have known and possibly go through the same things meg does is hard. It's hard watching one child with chd. I'm praying everything looks great!


Shayla Edwards said...

Oh man, that is scary! I will pray for her and your family! I hope it all turns out ok!

Mindy said...

you sweet mom!! i am so sorry for your worries. your girls have the best mom ever to help them through this life. i hope that everything works out well for all of you.

5p-nutts said...

Kayc, that really sucks.. I hope everything will be alright. your a great mom and great friend. You helped me get through my child and surgery and the whole primary children's experience. So I will be there for you. Whatever the outcome.. Love ya