Sunday, March 11, 2012

Heart Mom Dinner

This year put on a dinner for all heart moms & women with heart problems themselves. We ate dinner at Rickenbackers, and thanks to Melea at she paid for all of our dinners. Also all the servers that worked there that day donated all their tips to intermountain healing hearts. They also asked us to come back next year for a bigger and better dinner. This darling lady in the pink is Brittyn she is the President of the Intermountain Healing Hearts group. She is so sweet, and she has a little 4 year old boy with a CHD.

When we first walked in this is what we saw, a sign made out of wood that read heart heros with pictures of our little kiddos pinned on it. Andee, also a heart mom was the one who put this occasion all together. Her husband made this heart hero sign & other ones for all the tables.

Me & my friend mindi. Who would have known back in high school that we would both be heart mommies.

And this is my other freind amanda, we have been friends for about 5 years. We meet when our hubbys worked together.

This was our cute heart desert, It was yummy!!

There was a photographer there from the media. She took pictures the entire night.

It was so fun getting to know these ladies, we will forever be friends. It's so nice talking to othere heart moms whoare going through the same things.

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