Saturday, April 28, 2012

Catching up!

Dustin has this thing about trying to find new parks all the time. One Saturday he wanted to have a park marathon.  
 Ellie & jace. These two could totally pass as siblings.
 Can't believe my baby is 4 years old. He is such a happy, sweet, loving boy, he tells me everyday just out of the blue "i love mom" so stinkin cute. Jace's birthday always falls over Easter & conference weekend so we try and do something fun before.
 Birthday pancakes for the birthday boy.
 Daddy took bubba to a BYU scrimmage game, he loved it.

 Jace had his 4 yr. check up. They gave him his kindergarten shots so we didn't have so much to do next year. I felt so bad, he was so happy the entire time then they came in and both nurses gave him a shot in each leg and then another. He was kinda like what the heck with the first two then on the 3rd and 4th he started to cry:( Good thing Slurpee's make everything better.(until later that day when he didn't even wanna walk)

 Enjoying the park with cousins.
 Most handsome lunch date EVER!!
 Jace had his first big check up, he was so excited he is in the no cavities club!!

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Mindy said...

he is such a cute stinker!! i have always thought that he and elle could pass as sibs.