Monday, May 31, 2010

Family Literacy Night

Last week at the kids school they had a family literacy night. It was pretty cool they had little stations set up in the classrooms and you got to choose two rooms and they were each like 20 minutes. They read a book and had an activity that had to do with each story, then in the gym they had a story teller and a hired Jack Sparrow the kids thought it was pretty neat. When you first got there the kids were given a pirate hat, a ring or necklace & a map. In the first room the girls choose they were read "The very hungry caterpillar" and they got to make a couple crafts afterwards.

I didn't get a picture in the second room but they were read "Casey at the bat" and sang take me out to the ball game and got to eat popcorn.
This was Jack Sparrow that they had hired & he sounded just like him.
He read a book to everyone and they also had a hired storyteller Rachel Hedman read a book.
At the end if you had your map stamped from every station you received a free book. I thought it was pretty neat for them to do this, they are trying to get parents to keep there kids reading over the summer they said that a lot of kids come back after summer break and have forgotten a lot.

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