Thursday, December 15, 2011

Once there was a snowman

We made this cute & yummy snowman pizza for dinner. It was seriously so yummy, i just bought two things of scone dough from maceys and made 3 circles. Than you just use ranch as the sauce, add white cheese and olives for the eyes, mouth & buttons and a carrot for the nose.

I forgot to take a picture after it was cooked. My brother stopped by and had 2 pieces and said how good it was. I really think it was the ranch dressing for the sauce. While we were waiting for it to bake jace and Ellie were both running and ran around the wall and smacked right into each other. Poor Ellie got knocked right on her butt, but i think she was just more scared than hurt. I instantly started hugging her until i looked at bubba and he was crying so hard like a hurt cry, instantly his poor cheek right by his eye was blue and swollen. It looked and felt like there was a marble under his skin:) I was surprised it didn't spit open, and pretty sure he'll have a black eye tomorrow.

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