Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kelson ugly sweater christmas party

Last Saturday was my dads family Christmas party. Every year my grandma and grandpa & cousins make the party so much fun, the games, decorations etc.

Well this year they added some more fun by making it an ugly sweater party, so we did just that.
I made the kids sweaters and Dustin's and borrowed mine from a neighbor who had made hers for a ugly sweater work party. Megans made me laugh so hard, it was a basket before we made it into a sweater.

Tayler was funny cause she kept saying how cute hers was and that she would wear it to school.

They had a bunch of minute to win it games set up they were fun, this one was funny cause you had to stack 3 chap sticks on top of each other with chopsticks. Well my cousin did it.

This was a game between the last 2 you had to see who could unwrap a roll of crate paper the fastest while wrapping it around their arms, it was so funny.

These were the 3 winners of the ugly sweaters, my cousin in the hat actually won by a picking a number between 1 and 10

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Sarah said...

What a hilarious idea! The sweaters are great! What a fun and memorable thing to do with those you love. xo