Sunday, April 24, 2011

Livin Large

I was a lucky girl and got invited by my sister and her friends to go spend the weekend in Bear Lake awhile back. This house we stayed at was RIDICULOUS!!!

I have to start off by saying this trip almost didn't happen because it was in the middle of a snow storm and it was the scariest drive i have EVER driven. Me and kari both have suv's but we drove her honda accord since it was just the two of us, bad idea we had to stop in Logan and get new windshield wipers cause the ones on kari's car were not working and it was snowing and getting worse through the canyon.

We got stuck halfway up and had to get pushed out by some guy driving a snow plow, we were driving like 10-15 mph. the entire way up and going down the hills were terrifying to say the least. Our trail behind us looked like one of those signs on the side of the road that mean windy road ahead, lucky for us there was nobody on the road but us most of the way up or we may have been in trouble. But after about 2 hours just in the canyon we made it and were two happy chicks:)

When we got there kari took me on a tour because she had been there before.

There was a rock wall that went up to a little play area, and slides to every level in the house.

There were 9 bedrooms & 7 bathrooms

I chose the princess room, there were so many full beds but i chose this room. There were 2 sets of bunk beds and princess decorations.

Kari's room

The gym.. a basketball quart, trampoline, playhouse, golf hole.

Kari jumping

We played wii, guitar hero, some read books, played games and ate our share of junk food!!

It snowed from the time we got there on Thursday until we left Saturday.

The kitchen, which seats 25 people.

This toilet was hilarious. My kids would have loved it, it was just across from the normal one.

The theater room was awesome it had cute little sports seats for kiddos then two rows of comfy leather couches.

This picture was taken the night before we had to leave and it was still snowing, we had to be to our grandmas surprise party the next morning in Layton and we really thought we would be snowed in... what better place could we have been stuck hehehe!

(notice the snow up to my knees, there was maybe an inch when we got there)

Me and Kari went to leave and about died when we saw all the snow, there was no way her car was getting out. So luckily they had 6 shovels cause it took all of us to get out.

On our way home there were deer all over the place, i honestly have never seen more deer probably in my hole life than we saw on our way out.

I didn't dare drive very fast because the roads were so slushy, it just kept pulling the car every which way & i didn't want to hit a deer.
Warning: Crazy women:)

Okay with all the deer all over me and Kari were watching them just running everywhere. Well this group of deer caught our eyes as they were standing on the side of a fence at the top of this hill, well one by one they start jumping the fence then as we drive by we see this leg stuck in the fence. Well Kari says"stop we gotta help it". So we pull over ( there's no pull over spot so we are basically in the road) Kari gets out and climbs the mountain up to this deer to save it, and as she gets up there she realizes it's dead and that it must have happened the day before cause it had snow on it. But it was not too long ago cause it didn't look that gross:(

So that was Kari doing a good deed trying to save the deer, i don't know what the heck she would have done if it were still alive and tried to fight.

What a memorable trip. We had a blast!!


Ash said...

That sounds like a waaay fun/scary/never forgetable weekend! My favorite kind. How awesome would it be to own a house like that! Glad you made it back safe and sound:)

Cami said...

I am dying to know where that house is and if they rent it out to anyone? Do you have any info on it? That would be an AWESOME fam reunion spot!

Sherice said...

Holy fun trip! Sometimes a little girl time is just what a Momma needs. I love that house you stayed in~ it would be a kids dream land;) You guys are so dang cute, glad you had a great time!

hoLLY said...

ha !!! what a crazy trip!!!how fun and memorable!

Mindy said...

what a fun trip!! i love your sisterly shenanigans.