Monday, April 4, 2011

Jace's birthday weekend

Last year Jace's birthday fell over Easter weekend and this weekend over conference weekend.

So we were able to watch conference and fit in some fun activities.

Saturday morning we watched the morning session of conference then headed to Texas Road House for lunch.

The girls told them it was jace's birthday the next day so they brought out the saddle and ice cream and sang happy birthday to him. As you can tell by the picture he was not happy at first he wasn't sure about all those people he didn't know singing to him lol.

But once all the girls took a turn then he didn't want to get off.

Jace's friends brought him a little gift, which he loved.
Later that night the girls wanted to give jace his present from them, they had each earned allowance and went and bought him a pillow pet.
He was so excited!!!
Sunday morning came a little to early for us (4a.m.) do to some inconsiderate neighbors

But as i was awake with jace that early i was thinking how weird that 3 years ago i was at the hospital at that exact time with pains (kidney stones) knowing that in a few hours i would be having my precious baby boy. Jace was born at 8a.m. that morning.
Jace opening his presents

Mr. Incredible & Dash
And his favorite gift a vacuum that i found a t the d.i. for 8 bucks. Yes it's real and works, it even has the bag less removable front. My grandma could not believe i bought him that she said that child labor lol. If she only saw my son take my huge vacuum out almost daily and want to vacuum then she would understand why this was the perfect gift for him.
Jace wanted a toy story birthday party and we did. I forgot to take a picture of the set up, it was so cute we had out his potato heads and toy story things all over. This was my attempt at a toy story cake.
And the army guy cupcakes

Getting ready to blow out his candle. Jace was spoiled by all his family who came to the party.

We missed everyone from the dance side nobody was able to make it.
Dustin took today off also to hang out with us, this week is spring break for the girls and they have the entire week off.

So we went to chickfila for lunch then over to the Tree house Museum
My cute cowgirl and cowboy

And Tayler the Rodeo clown
This weekend has been wonderful spending time as a family and to be able to listen to Conference. I love this time of year!!!


Kim said...

Sorry we missed it! Jessica has said she misses you guys and at least the inconsiderate neighbors wasn't us this time! Can't wait to see ya again and glad Bubba had a good birthday! Love the cake and Jace can vacuum at my house anytime!

Mindy said...

this is such a good time of the year! your cake turned out way cute. good job mama! love the look on his face! love the attitude..

hoLLY said...

what a cute cake!!! cant believe he is three!!!

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

Glad you guys had a good spring break!! And you are always so creative! Of course Jace's cake was perfect! Love the vacuum!! Too cute!!