Thursday, December 30, 2010

(Repost) Fun new years eve idea for kids

I'm re posting this picture form my last years post.
Last new years eve we went to my sisters house and hung out and played games, so i did something fun for the kids.
I bought brown lunch sacks cut out circles and drew clocks on them all different times, starting at what ever hour you want i started at 8pm, then each hour the kids got to open a sack and play with whatever was in the sack and it usually kept them busy until the next hour.
I got all my stuff at the dollar store and most things came in packs of four.
Somethings i used where play dough, glow sticks, coloring books & crayons etc. but the last thing being noise makers.
Have a fun & safe new years eve.
If anyone has ideas or traditions of things they do i would love to hear.


Ash said...

This is great Kaycee! I was looking for something to do with the boys! Thanks so much for posting it!!! YOUR THE BEST!

Ash said...

Oh there is one tradition I have for ya. I don't do it anymore but, my mom did it with us and we loved it! On New years eve Ms. Clause would come. She'd leave a little bit of candy and one toy or prize each. I just never remember to do it until it's to late.

kdance10 said...

Ash, that's so fun:)Thanks!!

Jenn said...

I'm glad you reposted this! I remember loving the idea last year but had forgotten about it. Totally doing it this year!

Ash said...

Just wanted to say thanks again so much for this fun ideas. My boys loved it! X says we should it every year:) Hope you had an awesome New years!