Friday, December 17, 2010


So Thursday morning i get a text from my husband saying" You ready to go to Hawaii?!"
His work told them all by giving them real luau necklaces, heck yes I'm ready to go to Hawaii.
I have 6 weeks to get skinny lol.


Shayla Edwards said...

AAAHH!! You are SO lucky. I want to go! But, I am very happy for you! That is awesome!

Pamla Barrett said...

How awesome!!! Hmmm...the last time Chad's company sent him anywhere...never! That is so exciting for you guys! You're going to have so much fun and totally deserve a good break! :)

Kim said...

Good for you!!!

Lindsay said...

Yeah! That will be so fun. Cory's work sent us on cruise in Nov. and he gave me 10 days notice. So I'm glad you have 6 weeks to get ready:)