Saturday, November 20, 2010

Movie night

Dustin was in Vegas for work for a few days so i let the girls have a movie & pizza party with some friends from school & the neighborhood. We all wore our pajamas ordered pizza and watched "polar express" and all the girls brought their favorite treat to share. The girls said O'klyn won for the best p.j.'s

Lauryn & Aahnya

Megan & Ava
Reese, O'klyn & Tayler
Lauren, sydney & Aniah

These girls were so silly, we had a blast it was so fun hanging out with them. They were all fighting over who got to sit by me or on my lap during the movie:) We played games and danced after the movie was over, I'm so glad my girls have such good friends & are such great examples to my girls. And Jace also had a blast too, one of the girls that came has an awesome dad who took jace to Mcdonalds to play and back to hang out at their house while us girls played.

I took a few pictures of jace the other day he was being so silly

O'klyn had a birthday awhile ago and i guess she got this fun makeup kit so after school one day the girls all came over and gave each other makeovers.

I got to spend a weekend with my sister scrap booking, watching movies, hot tubing & eating junk food. It was a blast and it was much needed, love you sis.

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Josh and Tausha said...

You're such a cool Mom! I'm so glad that Megan is doing well!