Saturday, November 20, 2010

Megans recovery!!

Megan came home on Wednesday the 2nd, she is doing well and is back to her happy self.

Her first time up after surgery, she did so good they told her to try and walk down the hall and back & she walked all around the 3rd floor.

They gave her tons of fun stuff to do. She got to paint this truck which some guy makes and donates to the kids.
Me & magoo
Megan you were so tough and mommy & daddy are so proud of you. We love you very much!!

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Ash said...

I was shocked to see her in the primary program. I thought for sure she'd still be down in bed. She's one tough girl! So happy everything went well and she's back home safe and sound so your stress levels can come down only to go right back up for Christmas time.:) Your an amazing gal Kaycee,ca with all you juggle in life. I admire ya a ton!