Saturday, August 28, 2010

Meg's MRI

On wednesday megan had an appointment to get an MRI done at primary's so they could get pictures for her surgery next week. We got there around 8:30 a.m and checked in her mri was scheduled for 10a.m. but they were running a little behind so they didn't take her in til about 11:30, i have never witnessed them put one of my kids to sleep before and don't if i ever want to again:) kinda a weird thing to witness. It took about two hours and then her Dr. came and talked to us and discussed to us what will be happening next Wednesday.
Megan being silly in her P.J's
If you have ever been to primary children's and had a child have a surgery you know that while you are waiting you are well taken care of, and you get an awesome doll to play with, decorate and it's yours to keep. We have a few of these dolls lol. Megan had fun decorating hers with markers she drew hair, eyes, mouth, fingernails (painted) and gave her a necklace & earrings and even drew her a big red heart:)
She named her Ava Dance
While we waited one of the nurses hung out with Megan the entire time her name was Tammy and she was awesome. She gave Megan all the equipment the Dr. will be wearing and let her dress up in it and keep it, they show them everything so they are not afraid when the Dr. comes in dressed in all the stuff. And they show them all the utensils and let them use them on their dolls.
After she was done we were called into the recovery room where she was waking up, it took her awhile to come to and then when she did she was not feeling well and starting throwing up. After we got her dressed and she was a little more awake they let us take her home, she slept the hole way home and when we got home she threw up a little more then she was pretty good after that. She had to take it easy the rest of the day and was so excited to go back to school the next day.
Megan we are so proud of you and how well you did and we know you will do great next week during and after you surgery. We love you very much!!


Briana said...

Good luck will do awesome! I will come visit while I am at work!!!

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

Good luck Megan! Our thoughts and prayers are with you guys Kaycee! I'm so sorry you guys have to go through this! Our stuff with Tre's been hard and that hasn't been as in-depth as this. Primary's has the best staff and I know she'll be in good hands! I'm here if you need anything! Please keep us posted!

Mindy said...

They are so good down there! You are in good hands sweetie! (We'll be praying for your whole family.)

Whitney said...

Awe, she is so cute! I love her pictures of her bandaid heart! I love her dancing in one of those pictures! LOL

Good luck with everything, our thoughts and prayers go out this week when Megan has her surgery and recovery!