Monday, August 23, 2010

First day of first grade.

Tayler & Megan started first grade. It's so CRAZY that my little girls are old enough to be in school let alone first grade, it seems just like yesterday i was holding there precious little bodies in the hospital. I love my little angels so much and i am so proud of the smart, beautiful and outgoing girls they are turning into. The first day of school they have the kids go meet their teachers then they start school. The girls were so excited to take lunch to school in their new matching lunch bags connected to there book bags.
Who ever invented that was awesome:)

So i was saying i don't know what I'm going to do when it's just jace and me around while the girls are at school, well i think this is what I'm going to be experiencing a lot.
Give this a kid a half of a kit kat and he uses it as lotion. He kept saying" funny mom" & laughing, i was trying not to laugh but i couldn't help it.
These next couple of weeks are going to be trying with Megan's & Jace's surgery's but i can't wait to spend time alone with my little boy, we are going to TRY the potty training thing as soon as things get back to normal (fingers crossed) I have never done the boy potty training thing before lol.


Michael Paul, Holly, and Trae said...

oh they are just too adorable!!!

Hollie said...

They looks so cute and so grown up. It's crazy! Good luck with the surgeries!

Briana said...

1st Grade! They are growing up!

Mindy said...

They are too cute.. I am in denial about everyone who thinks they can grow up, not just my kiddos! Jace is too cute.. good luck with the potty-training! :D

Josh said...

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