Saturday, March 27, 2010

Girls Night

My aunt Kathy has a cabin in bear lake and we have had a couple weekends planned to go up just all the girls, well both times something came up and it didn't work out. So we decided this weekend to have a sleepover at my aunt Kathy's house. We started off with dinner yummy!!!!
And so much junk food, what would a girls night out be without a bunch of junk food:) We had a little baby shower for Karly. She got tons of darling clothes.
My grandma made this huge bowl of Carmel corn. It was Deeeelish:)

Mckell & my hot grandma Marge. My grandma & aunt Kathy read and gave us a few sheets of genealogy. It's so neat to here such stories of my ancestors.

So i had to take a picture of this picture everyone thought that the little Blondie(my uncle) looked just like Jace & i have to agree.

Okay so the other cutie in this picture would be my cousin Kimmy. He was four years old when he died.

Okay long story but i want this written down so i can remember this. I have heard short versions of this story many times but a few of us sat in one of my aunts spare bedrooms, one that she has a lot of his belongings in a treasure chest in. She told us the entire story, as we all cried our eyes out. Kathy was a beautician and worked at a beauty shop, she couldn't find a babysitter it was a Saturday so her neighbor across the street said she could watch him for the day. Well Kathy had just closed the shop and was walking home when a man she new came out of a grocery store and said "did you hear what happened to Gayle Larkins wife" my aunt said "no" meanwhile thinking oh my word this is the lady who has my son. The man said she was killed, she got hit. Well my aunt was thinking like out in front of her house or something. Well the man said let me drive you to where it happened, then he started driving in the opposite direction of her home. She said "where are we going" he said" to the accident " my aunt then knew something terrible had happened. The man drove her down the road in Kaysville just below the overpass, and she could see the traffic was stopped and there was a train that was stopped. Well the traffic was so bad they couldn't get any closer, Kathy got out of the car and started running & running faster and than all the sudden she said something stopped her (she knew it was the lord) and she started running back towards the car she had just arrived in.

She got in the car and they drove back closer to home to there Mayors house, this is where she does not remember a lot of what happened. She does not even remember how she got there, she said when she came to there were tons of people around. I guess what had happened was Arda who was tending Kim was taking a shovel down the road to her husband who was plowing a field, and when she was heading back home she saw the train coming and they think it startled her and she stalled the car on the tracks, the train hit the car and catapulted them 152 feet well Kim was in the front seat and was ejected out of the car onto the tracks, Arda was killed instantly and the baby she was carrying died, she was almost 8 and a half months pregnant, Tamra her 15 month old daughter in the backseat died. Arda was only 24 years old. Gayle saw the train stop as he was plowing the field and drove the tractor as fast as he could to the scene of the accident, when he got there he saw Kim on the tracks, Kim was alive at this time so he ran to the car and saw that his wife & unborn child were dead he then looked in the backseat and flipped his daughters carseat over, she was upside down. She was dead also. The train driver could not get out of his train, policy i guess. But he said to Gayle i am so sorry i couldn't stop the train. The conductor said it was like it happened in slow motion, he said he couldn't take his eyes off the little boy in the front seat the entire time until he hit the car.
After he left the scene Gayle went to where Kathy was, he said Kim was not dead Kathy said
"what" and my grandma said no Gayle he is dead. Gayle thought kim was still alive because the last he saw the paramedics were still working on him. Kim died about 15 minutes later in the ambulance.

About a year and a half after the accident my aunt married Gayle and he was my uncle. They had 4 beautiful daughters, my cousins. Gayle got bone cancer and died when i was 10.

This was the car they were driving in.

This was Arda, Tamra the 15 month old & kimmy
This was kim. Is he not the cutest little boy.
Karly & me
Tory, Sadie, kari & me

Sadie & Mckell
I have never laughed & cried so much in one night. Thank you Aunt Kathy for letting us have this fun night at your beautiful house. I can't wait for our trip to Bear Lake in july:)


Mindi D said...

Ok seriously i don't know how you had any fun after that story!! :( That is horrible. Thanks for sharing :)

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

That story about Kim is SO sad! You're right! He is the CUTEST little boy! I'm glad you guys were able to have some fun girl time. Much needed sometimes! :)

Ash said...

No wonders I like you! YOu come from an awesome family just like I do. :)

Elder Payden C. Beus said...

Kaycee - it was way fun! I am so glad you were there this time. It will be fun to go in the summer too. I love you - you are the best mom! I am proud of you