Saturday, March 13, 2010

Disney on ice

Dustin got me and the girls tickets to Disney on ice Friday night. We left early and headed to salt lake to get dinner, we chose subway mmmmmm! Then we headed over to the Energy Solutions Arena to get in line, they opened the door @ 6:30. While in line we ran into our cute neighbor. Meet a few Princess's
Found our seats

I think the cars were my favorite, at this point i was wishing i had brought Jace. Maybe next time. I got sick during the second half of the show and had to talk the girls into leaving 5 minutes early cause i thought i was going to throw up. I love hanging out with my girls, mommy daughter dates are the best.


Mindy said...

How fun! (All but the getting sick part.. that sucks!) But I was wishing that the girls and I could have gone too. That looks like fun!

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

You do the cutest mommy daughter dates! I'm sorry you got sick! Are you feeling better? The cars were my favorite too!