Thursday, January 1, 2009

New years eve.

We started off the night by playing games.

Check out that rock star face:)

Jace was such a trooper, he lasted until about 11:15 then he was out cold, he slept through the loud noise.
We played a fun game it's called "Boxers or Briefs" Man that is a fun game. Even after I won we still wanted to play:)
Tayler with her uncle c.j.
The girls had fun banging the pots. Thats what i remember doing when i was little.
Thanks everyone for a fun night. We had a blast. & Thanks kari for inviting us over. And for always letting your house be the PARTY house.


Mindi D said...

It looks like you had a fun night, ours was similar!! The kids have fun staying up late!

Min said...

I was so surprised at how much fun we had playing rock band.. it was kind of addicting! Love the rocker face!

CJ & Shalise said...

I cant believe Tay's little Rock Star face lol, thats awesome. That was so much fun, we should get together like that and stay up late once a month haha. Love you sis! Ps..we wont be playing Boxers and Briefs with you again haha