Sunday, January 29, 2012

Circus Fun

Friday night we decided last minute to take the kids to the circus. I remember going when i was a kid and haven't been since, and Dustin and the kids had never been.

When i was a kid i remember not being so nervous for the people in the circus, but this time i was nervous just watching the guys jumping rope on the tight rope especially when he almost fell with no net below them lol.

Megan really was enjoying herself, but you couldn't tell by this picture.

Thought it was kinda strange the name of team on the trapeze... the flying tampons!!!

This is the part where tayler had her hands over her eyes and said she couldn't watch anymore. This guy was stacking chairs one on top of the other and climbing on top of each one, and if he fell it was straight down to the hard floor.

The elephants were every ones favorite, they were dancing to some hip hop music then they put on rock a by baby music and they played down it was so cute.

And this was my favorite part, they had 3 motorcyclists in this ball at one time going around crazy fast. This was the one thing i remember at the circus when i was a kid.

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