Sunday, February 20, 2011

Maui Hawaii 2011

Wow i can't believe it has already been a month since we went to Hawaii,
and that it has taken me this long to post about it.

We had to leave our house by 3:30 a.m. and we were up til 1 with a sick kid. Megan had a fever of 102 and it had me nervous because i always think it has to do with her heart when she gets sick. I felt guilty leaving but knew they were in good hands, then tayler got it so i figured it was a bug which it was and a bad one.

Well we made it to the airport and were on our way to Hawaii. This was our first picture of hawaii upon arrival
Our hotel. Makena Beach and Golf Resort. It was beautiful the center of the hotel was open so you were outside no matter what door you walked out.

Our room.
We felt like celebrities we had a gift bag filled with American express gift cards, snacks, etc. left on our bed.
Our view
It totally looks like dustin is standing in front of a green screen with a fake background.
These were some chairs they had in the front lobby, we wanted to bring them home they were so comfy.
The first night they had a Welcome Reception (Pacific Lawn) for everyone to mingle and eat.

The food was YUMMO.. especially all the fresh fruit, i couldn't eat enough.

The bugs were out on the first night, this little guy was in the same spot every night.
This little creature was in our hotel entrance, these little guys were actually cute compared to the last guy.

Dustin & shrever going out snorkeling. Dustin got so burnt the first day that he had to go out and buy a suit the next day that would cover and protect his skin, my poor husband can't go into the sun without frying:)

The sunsets were so dang beautiful
Dust and i being silly showing off our flowers we found on the walk way. This was our second night headed to the "Rewards & Recognition Dinner" located on t he(Maluaka Lawn) this was for everyone who won the trip. They gave them all an award and fed us dinner.
This darling girl gave us all a necklace when we first got there.

Dustin showing me his award
Shrever & Dustin

Dustin & Tim his boss
Dustin's friend Shane and his wife

More wonderful sunset photos

Day 3 we had a free day all day so we decided to go hang out with some friends that we happened to run into at the airport Garet went to school with us we used to hang out just the 3 of us and he actually is a pilot for Sky west.

We were so excited to go hang out with Garet & Jamie because they have been here before and knew all the good spots to go see. So dustin & i rented a car and drove down to their place they were staying and picked them up for the day.

We headed to a surf beach to see some surfers, it was awesome.

Then we headed up to "Twin Falls" it's a rain forest we hiked up to the top and it was raining, but it's hot out so its so awesome. Then when you get to the top there is a waterfall and it was beautiful.

Dust sporting his protective gear lol.

Garet & Jamie
I had to take a picture of dustin in front of this thing it looked like a giant pineapple coming out of the ground.

These leaves were huge and looked awesome with the raindrops on them.

Dustin & Garet went cliff jumping with this guy who was a tour guide he was giving a tour and it was a bunch of old people so he was excited when he saw two young dudes. He also gave us the yummiest thing i have ever tasted in my life an apple -banana mmmm......

It's what they used to make their banana bread, which is also the best i have ever had.

After we left twin falls we headed to find lunch and came across this DELICIOUS pizza place.
Our rental car
Later that night we headed across town to Lahaina for a little shopping and souviners.

In the park there is this tree, this picture is very dark but you can kinda get the idea. It was planted in 1982 the branches and stem cover the entire park, it goes in the ground and comes back out somewhere else, it covers the entire park.

Day 4: We had a free day until about 4:00 when we headed to the Grand Wailea for our Luau (which by the way is where the new movie "Just go with it" with Jennifer Aniston & Adam Sandler was filmed) Gorgeous Hotel.
Hawaiian Activities 5-6
Torch lighting, Imu Ceremony and dinner 6-7
Show 7-8

Dustin with our yummy virgin coladas

Dustin getting a temporary tatoo i couldn't tell if it was because of the pretty girl or that he may have been doing something he never really dared to do.
Which ever it was i'm glad it's just temporary ha ha.

Our dinner

This guy was amazing(crazy) he put the fire out in his mouth and would hold it under his legs and arms.
Shrever took this picture for us and after he looked at it he laughed and said it looked like dustin was wearing a party hat
So we did it again.
This little bird landed on a plate near by and tried flying away with a roll.
On our last day we had pretty much the entire day to do whatever we wanted, we had to be checked out of our rooms by noon and our flight didn't leave until almost midnight. It was super bowl sunday and the hotel had a suite for us all to watch the super bowl. But a couple of us decided to go on a whale watching tour.
Our boat "Boss Frog"
This was dustin's friends little guy he was so cute. This for sure is what my husband looked like when he was little freckles and red hair:)

Our tour was awesome their were whales EVERYWHERE, we went on a whale watching tour when we went to mexico and we saw a couple but this time they were everywhere.

Besides a couple of our friends getting sick and having to throw up over the boat it was a fun tour.
After our whale watching tour and finishing up watching the Super Bowl dustin and some friends went out venturing while i went shopping for some more souviners.
These were the shirts that they gave to all guys who earned the trip. I loved the saying.

Oh how i wish i was here right now watching another sunset.
All of us sadly waiting for our buses to come pick us up and take us to the airport.
And there's the snow, we are home.

We had so much fun in Maui, it is truely a trip i will never forget. I am so proud of dustin for working so hard and doing what he does everyday, he won this trip for being such a great associate and all the guys that earned it deserved it.


Mindy said...

Way to go Dustin!!! We loved the fresh fruit there, sent pineapple home it was so good. We also loved Lahina, saw that same tree! The old whalers village up the beach was awesome too. Had some fun shopping.
LOVE your sunset pix! Would love to go back there someday.

Ash said...

Man you are a lucky gal! Looks just like paradise. One day I'll get there:)

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

So glad you guys got to go!! Kinda depressing looking at all those nice warm pics while it's snowing outside though. lol!