Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jace got his tonsils out, fun over labor day weeknd

Jace got his tonsils out on Tuesday, and man was he spoiled. We have such great neighbors, one neighbor who is also his nursery teacher brought him a darling dog, balloon, Popsicles & some tractor drinks which he loves and carries all 3 around at the same time lol. & then one the 3rd day she brought us over dinner cause she said she remembered when her daughter got hers out that the 3rd day was the worst which it was:(
But i think that today was the worst day yet, i didn't wake him up every 4 hours for his medicine like i am supposed to and when he woke up this morning he was in lots of pain.
So after he had his meds he was good for awhile then it was time for his amoxicillon and so i gave it to him and put the lid back on and put it in the fridge, well next thing i know i was in the restroom and he came in with pink stuff all over his hands.
I then realized it was his amoxiciilon and ran into the kitchen and saw he had drank the bottle, there was some on the table but he clearly drank a lot of it. So i called poison control and they said to make sure he drinks a ton of fluids cause too much amoxicillon can cause it to form crystals in his kidneys. Well i tried to force him to drink as much as i could make a kid drink who just had his tonsils out & who is not wanting to drink.
He is doing okay just drooling a lot from not wanting to swallow, poor kid i feel so bad when he does that.
My friend brought him over this darling tonsil survival kit, which consisted of Popsicles, yogurt, Capri suns, ice cream, ring pops, dum dums & a coloring canvas. He loved it!!
He loves this dog & calls it bubba or Diego lol.
My nephew tried out for his school football team and made it. So proud of you Brayden
Go rocky!!

Over labor day weekend we packed the kids bags and surprised them by taking them to a hotel in sandy. We swam, played games, watched a movie & ate goodies.

We visited the two temples out that way. So beautiful!!
Don't my kids look so happy:) It was a Little cold lol.
The girls on their bed eating ice cream

Labor day we took the kids to the living aquarium it was really neat, i couldn't get over the octopus it was crazy.
The sting ray was pretty cool meg was not sure but tayler loved it and kept feeling them.
This picture is a little blurry but i loved it.


Michael Paul, Holly, and Trae said...

Jace is such a little stud, sad that he had to get them out! what fun pics!

Mindy said...

So happy you got to get away and have a little fun before the real fun happened. Hoping Jace is doing a lot better now!

Troy, Brandy, and Boys said...

Poor guy!! I didn't know Jace was getting his tonsils out. Carter had his out when Tre was newborn and it was tough. The good news is he hasn't had strep since and he gets sick a lot less. Hopefully Jace is the same way. Looks like you guys had a fun labor day weekend. It's always nice to get away.