Sunday, January 3, 2010

New years eve 2009

We started out our morning with some fun sledding.
Man can i say sledding is a lot more of a work out when your older:) The kiddos
Jace loved being pulled around in this sled.
It's so cute seeing tayler pulling Jace in this sled cause this is the same sled they played on when they were his age.

Daddy & Bubba
This was Jace's first time sledding and he had a blast, he laughed every time he went down the hill. He had fun riding down with his big sisters.
Bubba kept getting snow all over his gloves and kept saying EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!
Tayler & Megan adding snow to the jump.

Daddy trying to stand up on the sled while going down the hill.

New years eve we went to Kari's house for games, food & fun.
Check out our sweet glasses we made:) Jace trying out the glasses.

The girls posing by their countdown bags
Playing play dough
The girls made up a dance for us. And played a little dress up
Celebrating the NeW YeAr!!!!

My girls giving each other a news tears hug & kiss:)
We had so much fun, TONS of food & the best GrEaT cOmPaNy!!!!


April said...

Fun stuff-I love the bag idea :)

Rachel said...

That little purple sled Jace was using is so cool, perfect size! Where did you go sledding at? The kids got a sled for x-mas but i don't know of any good places to go.
I LOVE your new years bags, i bet the kids had so much fun! I will have to remember that idea when my kids are a little older!